Trey’s makin’ $40,000 off mobile apps! WFT?

I’ve been playing with iPhone and MacApps for a while, and it’s been a lot offun – and relatively profitable!but, Trey Smith just released some statsand he is making $700 per day withVIDEO GAMES for iphone and android.

I’ve only been creating ‘utility’ type apps, but creating a game looks like a really fun side project. That’s completely outsource-able! (and more profitable)


He’s sharing his story and giving away afree DVD that shows you exactly howhe’s 100% outsourced the design anddevelopment of some really popular games!

Click here to see what Trey is up to.

Pretty cool stuff. You should checkthis out if you’re interested in appdevelopment on any level.

Talk soon,

Click here to see what Trey is up to.

What's trey up to?

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