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Do you pride yourself on being an underachiever? Does everyone tell you to get off your butt and work more or you’ll never amount to anything? There’s a man who’s had those kind of words pointed in his direction and made a fortune from being an underachiever. His name is Frank Kern.

Dropping out of college to seek wealth, since he believed anyone could achieve wealth without higher education, Kern first tasted success in 1999. He had toyed around with his own business before, but he was only treading water. That year he discovered how to survive in the brave new world of Internet business.

Real financial success found Kern with the release of his “Underachiever Mastery” course. This course has been sold out for a long time now, but its techniques prove to be useful for anyone seeking simple money on the internet. His sense of humor is one of his greatest assets, as the self-described “lazy bastard” teaches his formula for maximum success with minimal effort.

His latest endeavor, “Frank Kern’s Mass Control,” is a revolution in marketing. By mastering the techniques of language Kern provides, a sense of trust is established with your prospect. He even goes so far as to show you how he uses Mass Control to get you excited in his own sales pitch.

Besides his launch of Mass Control, Kern has a network marketing business and many other niche websites. Together with his colleague Ed Dale, he has perfected the art of making money from targeted niche websites and presented it in his “Underachiever Formula” program. He is also a partner in a joint venture with an online business organization. He also distributes educational material online to teach others how to master online commerce with minimal effort.

Kern was influenced heavily by Jonathan Mizel, Dan Kennedy and Jeff Paul. Their techniques taught Kern how to streamline his business efforts so that he was getting the most return on his investments in the least amount of time possible. He was inspired at a young age by his grandfather, as well. His grandfather built his own business without much education or financial backing, so Kern knew that it was possible to accomplish such a feat with good customer service and integrity. Kern is also an advocate of direct-response marketing.

Kern is living proof that there is money to be made with minimal effort, if you know the right way to do it. Properly executing your niche website business might just rescue you from having to work hard to get ahead, if you can skillfully follow the advice on this Frank Kern Blog.


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