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Important Announcement About Buying List Control!

Frank Kern decided to teach an exclusive 2-day workshop that’s just for people who get List Control. This is an actual workshop, not a seminar, and there are no guest speakers scheduled. We’re talking about 100% content – not a pitch-a-thon. It’s just Frank teaching you cool new stuff to help you make more money. A LOT more.

This workshop is FREE and it’s only available to the people who buy List Control – no outsiders allowed.

Here’s Why Frank’s Doing This.

The first reason is because it will be unadulterated FUN. Listen: Frank’s workshops are legendary for being huge crazy parties where everyone has a blast (ask around)… and this one is going to be the best EVER. (He’s holding it on the same weekend in May as his birthday and there’s going to be a huge party – you’re invited – bring lavish gifts.)

But aside from having a huge party and going crazy in San Diego, there’s also another motive. See, this year Frank plans to release three new high-end products… and he’ll be using this workshop as way to get them recorded. So when you get List Control and you come to the free members-only workshop, You’re Actually Getting FOUR Products In One!

Frank Kern’s created three new classes that he’ll be teaching (and filming) in this workshop …and it’s his intention is to include the footage from each class as part of individual high-end (read expensive) products to be sold individually this year.

But because you’re buying List Control, you’re getting a free pass to this workshop and you’re getting these classes first …and FREE!

And I said, this isn’t going to be a typical marketing seminar. This is a HARD CORE workshop where Frank gives you 100% top-level instruction to help you do one thing and one thing only: GET MORE MONEY WHILE HELPING MORE PEOPLE.

Here are the classes he’ll be teaching you.

J.V. Control (How to get everyone and their brother to promote you …kind of like what you’re witnessing with the List Control launch).

Product Control (How to create and sell extremely good and valuable products for premium prices.)

Copy Control (How to write emails, sales letters, and direct mail pieces that sell like crazy …using my stealthy “under-the-radar” tactics that actually deliver value to your prospects while you’re selling them stuff! This is possibly the most important skill Frank can give you, aside from what you’re getting in List Control.)

This Is An Incredible Value

Listen, the last time Frank taught a workshop where it was just him teaching for two days it was the legendary Serializer Method for $10,000.00 per person. It sold out in 54 minutes total.

List Control alone is worth twice what Frank’s asking … but when you add in this free workshop, it’s really a total no-brainer.

Here’s What To Do Next

Get on the early bird list by clicking here to buy List Control.

Frank will send you an early link well before List Control goes live to the general public. (Official launch time is Monday at noon PST.)
He’ll be sending you will have “HERE’S YOUR EARLY LINK” as the subject 🙂


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