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If you thought people were freaking out over List Control now …wait until you see this new video Frank just released (no email needed) – click here to watch it now.

Here’s the scoop:

Frank Kern is teaching an EXCLUSIVE 2-DAY workshop that’s *just* for the people who get List Control. And he’s doing it as a GIFT (free) to his new members. The last time he taught a workshop by himself, it was his famous Serializer class …and it cost $10,000.00 a head. (Plus it sold out in 54 minutes without a launch.)


The only “catch” is you have to be a List Control customer to attend. He’s not letting anyone else go. Just the people who get List Control. This is probably the single most valuable bonus I’ve ever seen offered. After all, his last “Kern Only” workshop was $10,000.00. And this one is JUST HIM TEACHING. No Pitching. No “All Star Lineup”. No Fluff.

Frank says it’ll be 100% content and hot seats … just like he did at his $10K Serializer events.

Click here to get the full story.

Talk soon,
Frank Kern’s Biggest Fan

P.S. I’m not alone in telling you that the content you can get here in Frank’s members’ area for free is easily better than 99% of the stuff you’d pay $1,000.00 for. Click here to find out more.

And if you’re wondering why so many people are behind List Control, then you need to look no further than this amazing free content. After all …if the free stuff is this good, imagine what the REAL course is like!

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