Jeff Johnsonís Traffic Voodoo Bonus

I made $8194.29 following Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo system to promote Frank Kern’s List Control… watch the video below to find out how.

Obviously I’m a big fan of Jeff and Frank’s so here’s the deal.

I donít care if you purchase his new course Traffic Voodoo directly through his website or through my affiliate link Ė it doesnít matter!

Simply forward me a copy of your purchase receipt for Traffic Voodoo (no matter who you purchased through) and Iíll give a copy of my acclaimed SEO method course. (valued @$97)

Why the heck would I do something like this? 2 reasonsÖ

One. I know if you purchase Jeff Johnson’s new Traffic Voodoo system youíre serious about building an online business and youíre the kind of person I want to get to know. Iím confident once you have a chance to review the quality of the material I put out youíll get addicted and, although you might not purchase now, youíll end up purchasing from me somewhere down the line.

Two. Thereís always going to be a certain percentage of those who will end up purchasing through my link anywayÖ and if you do, Iíll get an affiliate commission.
Either way, I figure I win.

So hereís the dealÖ click this link to order from and then click here to email me the receipt and Iíll email you the download details.

Wishing you all the best Ė your SEO coach,

David Jenyns

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PPs. At the very least watch Jeff Johnson’s free videos here:

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