Help Me Interview Frank Kern.

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Click here to view the A-Z expert listing and download some free interviews or click here to check out the hitlist. Please also note Podcast Interviews is still pretty new and we’re just ironing out some of the kinks – that said, it’ll be one worth watching – I guarantee it.

Now as for Frank Kern… he’s next in my sights to interview and, even though I’m no “guru”, I’m confident, with a little help from you, I can get his attention. Here’s the plan…

Step 1. Let me ask you this, if you had Frank’s undivided attention what would you ask him? Submit your questions below and I’ll be sure to ask him on your behalf – once I line up an interview.

Step 2. Twitter this page, facebook it, digg it, stumble upon it, do whatever… just help me get the word out. With a little help from you I can guarantee Frank will end up seeing this page and I’m sure I can hook up an interview from there.

Consider it a little social experiment and then imagine copying what I’ve done and having the opportunity to chat with your mentors. Sounds like plan? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide 🙂

Your SEO Coach,

David Jenyns – who the hell do I think I am?

Ps. How about some extra incentive, when I end up getting an interview, anyone who submitted a question and did at least one thing to get the word out, will get a copy of my – I sell it for $97 and it’s worth every penny but let me give it to you for free!

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One Response to Help Me Interview Frank Kern.

  1. David Jenyns April 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Looks like I might already have an in… wooohooo. Yvette (his assistant) emailed him on my behalf… fingers crossed. This might have been easier than I thought.

    Once we get Frank, I wonder who’s next, Steve Jobs?

    Your SEO Coach,
    David Jenyns

    Ps. Now we just need some questions to ask… hmmm

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