Frank Kern and John Reese Laugh




Watch Frank Kern and John Reese Laugh in this video. John Reese is an Internet Marketing Pioneer and will help you start or grow your business online. Thousands of entrepreneurs look to him for advice on the latest online strategies and techniques.

Here are some facts about John Reese.

Started Marketing Online: 1990 (Before the Web)

Marketing Strengths: “Spying” (research), Testing & Tracking and being able to “connect the dots” of concepts and ideas.

Biggest Mistake: Tried to develop 14 sites at the same time.

Turning Point Before Reaching Success: Selling a domain name for $900. Buyer then resold it for $1,000,000 IN CASH. Made him realize the “easy way” to make money was letting other people show you where the opportunities are. The “hard way” is to try and do something completely new.

John Reese is an Internet Marketing pioneer that has been actively marketing online since 1990. John created one of the first autoresponder services on the Internet in 1994. Since that time he has created and launched over 110 projects online.

One of these projects was a free photo-hosting service for eBay users that John started in 1998. This service (due to a powerful Viral Marketing “twist”) became one of the Top 500 sites in the world for web traffic in only 10 months after it was launched. This little service used to consistently produce in excess of $100K/month in affiliate commissions from a variety of affiliate programs. Not bad for a service that John created for less than $350.

On August 17, 2004, John Reese shocked the Internet marketing world and pulled in over $1,000,000 in sales in less than 24 hours (18 to be exact) for the launch of a new product — and he did it without spending one penny on advertising!

Watch Frank Kern and John Reese Laugh in this video now.

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