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After you watch these Frank Kern videos and learn about the worst sales pitches, learn about the best techniques. Part of the sales management role is to oversee the marketing efforts of your team. How many times has it happened to you that your team has worked very hard on a big sales pitch, thought they had won it and celebrated prematurely only to find out later that someone else won? It happened to my team a lot and no matter what you say or do after wards, the morale of your team plummets to a new low. No one had the foresight to see some complication or neglected detail would stuff the whole deal up. Is there anything that can be done to minimize the chances of failure of a well worked out sales pitch?

There is and they’re very simple steps you can use to lead your team to success. Over the years I learned a technique that involves 4 simple steps. The first one is:

Know your customer.

The easiest way to do this is to talk to your customers. Find out things like what their needs are, what they expect to get out of working with you but don’t mention costs or prices or anything money related. Involve them in your brainstorming sessions, ask them for their input. If they’re unable to come to you, you go to them or hold a video or phone conference. The whole idea is to bounce ideas off them to see if you are on the right track with your sales pitch. Believe me, they will appreciate the extra effort you put in and then this way, the business is yours technically without even having the final presentation. It works!

Do your research.

I learned my lesson on this point the hard way one day and I never felt more like a total idiot than I did on that day. I went into a sales presentation very well prepared…..but it was on the wrong product! They wanted all of their office phones updated not mobile phones. If I had of read the brief properly and researched what the company does, I would have known what they were after. It was a telemarketing company so they have no real need of hundreds of mobile phones in the office. It’s always a good idea to find out as much as you can about a company through phone calls, internet,focus groups, and off course, talking to the prospects themselves. You have to know EXACTLY what they need and the only way to do that, is to research.

Under promise and over deliver.

The worst thing you can do while giving a sales pitch is to say ‘yes we can do everything.’ There are always going to be somethings that they need that you can’t do. What’s going to WOW a customer more, a ‘yes’ company that says they can deliver everything or a company that under promises and over delivers? You always should keep something under your sleeve because you never know when you might need it. if you want a long term relationship with the customer, this method is very effective in helping your team do that.

Pitch to the decision maker.

This one really is the first rule of a sales presentation. Whats the point of going to all the trouble of delivering a sales pitch only to be told at the end of it that the person who decides these things isn’t in the room? What a waste of valuable time and energy. If you are going to go to all the trouble of delivering a sales presentation, make sure the decision maker is in the room with you. The last thing you want to do is to go through the same thing more than once if ts not absolutely necessary.

The ultimate goal here is to establish a personal connection between you and your client. By doing this you build an emotional and intellectual bond. Obviously, your role here is to oversee your team so you wouldn’t do all these things on your own but you would delegate certain responsibilities to team members. Give these simple steps a go and you will be surprised at the results. Try this only if you want to win the sales pitch every time.

Watch these Frank Kern videos and learn about the worst sales pitch.

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