Frank Kern: How To Sell Products Online


Watch this Frank Kern video and learn how to sell products online.  If you plan on selling a product online, one of the main things you’ll want to focus on is learning how to create a search engine friendly website so people can find your site.

After all…. No traffic means no sales and definitely no profits.

Don’t ever try to sell a product online until you are sure your web host provides website creation and marketing support.

Setting Up Your Site is The Easy Part

People get so concerned with how their website design will look and how they are going to collect payments, setup their online shopping cart, etc. These days that’s the easy part.

What’s more important is that you choose a web host that helps with online marketing so you don’t end up with a store that receives no traffic.

Selling products with a website is not just about creating your online store and letting your website sit out in cyberspace expecting people to stumble upon your site and buy something.

It is absolutely crucial that you understand how to get your website ranked high in MSN, Google and Yahoo. This will be vital to your success and people often underestimate the importance of this.

Most web hosts don’t even help you with marketing. It’s not in their business model to help you promote your site and help sell products. They are simply there to host it on their servers.

So what happens is people often pay their hard-earned money to build this outstanding online store with a fancy design, and there isn’t a visitor to be found. What they don’t realize is that they’ve failed before they even began because they’ve chosen the wrong host.

You won’t fail if you follow my advice below. I am confident of this because I use this web host and recommend to everyone I know who wants to sell something on the Internet.

Use Site Build It – No Other Host Compares

Read this Site Build It review.  Site Build It is a web host committed to not only helping you build your website, but it shows you how to optimize it for the major search engines as well as build other traffic streams so you sell products.

Go to SBI’s website and see how they differ the average web host. You’ll quickly discover why 99% of the people that try to sell products do it wrong. If you choose SBI, you’ll get it right the first time.

Accepting Credit Cards From Your Store

Accepting credit cards is a must for online commerce. I recommend you use Paypal as your merchant. It’s pretty easy to setup.

With Paypal, you don’t have to rent or purchase any equipment because they take the orders for you and then send your revenue directly to your bank account. They take a small percentage of every order you receive.

This is MUCH more convenient than having to apply for a business license, rent out the equipment and handle all the orders yourself. PayPal makes it quick and easy.

Creating and Selling an Information Product
An information product (or infoproduct) is just what the name suggests. It’s a product full of information.

These days, many info products come in the form of eBooks — which stands for “electronic books”. This means your customer can download your book right from your web site and read it from their PC.

eBooks are convenient because you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling. Once you create it and upload it to your site, it’s ready for instant download by your customers.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling costs, and your customers are happy because they can download their product as soon as the sale is made.

An infoproduct can also come in the form of plain old information. You don’t necessarily have to sell an ebook. If you have the knowledge on a certain subject that you’d like to share, you can still make money with pure content and affiliate programs.  So watch this Frank Kern video and Learn how to sell products online.


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