Frank Kern: Amazing Virtual Windows And Mobile Phones



Take a look at this amazing virtual windows program by Frank Kern that makes the windows in your home look out at landscapes that are designed by a computer. You can do all kinds of stuff like this with your creative mind. Check out the creativity with the mobile phone? Ever try and think about coming up with something like this yourself?

The importance of trying new things in discovering your creative side cannot be overemphasized.

You do not know how well you can do something without doing it. After learning the procedure of daily routines, we usually do not even think about it. Our subconscious mind directs us to automatically go through the same motions over and over. New things force us to get off auto pilot and reinvent ourselves. Discovering where you belong is a matter of which one fits you unique abilities.

Being creative does not necessarily constitute inventing something. It can be improving processes or procedures. When you find a position that fits your personality and way of doing things, it will come naturally and you will begin to stand out from others. You will begin to have fun and your passion will propel you past mediocre to excellence. You will know this is what you were meant to do.

The importance of discovering the job that was meant for you is obvious. It is difficult to excel if you dislike your work. The only way to find your niche is to try different things. When jobs are scarce, it may not be practical to change companies, but you may be able to go to a different position in the same company.

Learning different positions in your company could eventually qualify you to be the boss. Trying several, types of positions will enable you to zero in on the absolute best job for you. The importance of getting out of you comfort zone may not be obvious but it has to be done to move up in your career. The uneasy feeling of new surroundings will go away when you get used to it.

Trying several new things is crucial for discovering your creative side. Doing what you love will change your whole outlook on life. Instead of dreading to go to work, you will look forward to it with eager anticipation. You will be amazed that they pay you for having fun. It is no longer just a job. It is part of you. You will take pride in your work, and make it as perfect as possible.

Your creative side will show up and show out and you will begin to see ways that methods and procedures can be improved. You will take delight in showing others the ropes. Others will observe how you have a feel for your work and will ask you to explain it to them. This demonstrates the importance of trying new things.

Become jack of all things and master of none? No. The point is that you cannot discover your creative side without trying several things. It is not only important to find the right job, but the right people that you can work with. Life is too short to put up with those who are difficult to get along with. When you find, your creative side in your dream job, it will light up your life.  I hope you enjoyed watching this amazing vitual windows tour by Frank Kern.

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