Frank Kern And His Special Mom Laugh Together


Watch this Frank Kern video where we meet his mom and she shares how they laugh together and why it’s important for everyone to do. There are so many whopping benefits to laughing every day that there is even an emerging field of human psychology called “humor therapy,” which helps people heal quickly and continue living an enjoyable life. I’ve compiled a list of six reasons why you need to laugh every day. After all, I like to say that I’ve never met anyone who does not like to laugh. Laughter just makes you feel good! Anyway, here’s why you should laugh daily:

1. Laughter is a workout in and of itself: It may not burn as many calories as running a mile every day, but hey-it’s a workout! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather let out a belly laugh than do sprints. From experience, I think laughter is way more enjoyable than sprints.

2. Laughter is contagious: So is the flu. However, it’s wayyy more optimal to have laughter going around the office than it is a virus. Ick. Plus, there’s always one person in your office who has the funniest-sounding laugh. Whenever they laugh, you have to laugh by default because they sound so ridiculous.

3. It’s socially acceptable to cry (sometimes): Ok, this one may be directed more towards dudes, but it’s much less embarrassing to be seen crying laughing than to be seen just plain crying. Also, did you know that tears from laughter are chemically different than tears of sadness?

4. You look cool if you make a funny joke: Ever have a one-liner that had everyone in your group in stitches? Me neither, but I’m working on it;) I bet it’s a great feeling to make someone laugh.

5. Laughter brings people together: There’s nothing quite like sharing a laugh with somebody. It creates lasting memories and is enjoyable in the present.

6. Because Stone, Cold, Said so!: Ok, this isn’t a real reason, but does anyone remember Stone Cold Steve Austin? Oh, the days of wrestling…

So it isn’t important why I chose six reasons to laugh every day, but it is important that you should laugh as much as you can. Choose your own reasons to laugh. As the saying goes, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Being serious all the time sucks. You have to enjoy life. If you’re not laughing, then you’re not living!  So watch this Frank Kern video showing his special mom and how they laugh together.

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