Bill Donates Frank Kern’s $100,000 To Charity


In this video Bill donates Frank Kern’s $100,000 to charity. When you hear that a person is going to donate to a charity, the first thought that crosses your mind is that he is going to give money to charity. Well, that is true but not entirely. This is because there are a lot of other ways to donate to charity. Monetary donation is the most popular way to donate to a charity. This can be done in the form of cash or a check.

Most nonprofit organizations have a website where donors can make an online donation. Donations through the website can be done through a credit card payment or via PayPal. This donation can be made at anytime of the day or night from any part of the world. You can donate to a charity from your hometown even if you are living on another part of the world. Donating online has the benefit of being very accessible.

The conventional way to donate to a charity is through fundraising activities. These activities are organized so that donors can donate to a charity that they choose. Fundraising activities can be done through a bake sale, a benefit concert, a garage sale, an auction and so many other activities. There are countless ways to create an event where people can donate to a charity. The proceeds of these events will be used to fund the various activities and projects of the charity.

Another way to donate to a charity is through your services. Charities have different kinds of projects where your services may be of use. If you are from the medical profession then you can volunteer your services if there are any medical missions or free clinics being conducted by the charity. There are countless ways to donate to a charity by doing volunteer work. A charity can use all the help they could get to help more people. All you have to do is choose a charity and volunteer your services. You can fit your volunteer work around your free time.

You can also donate to a charity by donating things that you do not need around your home. You all have clutter in your home. They are objects that you bought but never really used. Rather than letting them lie there unused, you can donate to a charity and put them to a good use. There are a lot of things that may be useless to you but those who are less fortunate will find them very useful. So watch this video and see how Bill obtains this $100,000 from Frank Kern and afterwards it is donated to a charity.

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