Frank Kern List Building: Direct Mail Secrets




Watch these Frank Kern list building direct mail secrets and gain more customers for your business. 

What is my # 1 network marketing tip? I would say that the best thing you can do to build your network marketing business is to use direct mail. This simple concept is one of the most underutilized things in our industry. And it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a downline.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of bugging friends and family. I say this because most of our friends and family are not in our target market. They are not interested in starting their own MLM business. If they were, they would already be involved. Additionally, most people do not have a big enough sphere of influence to find enough qualified prospects.

When you use direct mail, everything changes. You can send postcards or fliers to qualified prospects. And you can create multiple streams of income in your business by recommending a variety of different programs. This creates a win-win situation. Best of all, it is stress free. You don’t have to bug anyone. And you can work smart.

How do you get started with direct mail? And what will it cost you? First and foremost, you need a list of people you can mail your information too. You can search the internet and make a compiled list of network marketers. These are names and addresses that you collect yourself. As an alternative, you can buy a list from one of many different list brokers. Just make sure you focus on your target market: other network marketers.

Another key to success is to create a multi-step mailing. Don’t make the common mistake of sending out one mailing and thinking everything will work out fine. Most people will need to see your message several times, before they respond. So, have a plan in place to mail each person several times.

Furthermore, make sure your mailing piece is well written. At a minimum, you need a catchy headline, a good message and a strong call to action. Try to keep things simple and be to the point.

I really think direct mail is a wise idea because it isn’t overly competitive. When your prospect opens your mail piece, you have their undivided attention. You are in a competition free zone. Compare that with internet marketing or email marketing and hopefully you see the difference.

If you are new to direct mail, you can purchase several books to familiarize yourself and learn the ropes. This will save you time and money in the long run.

My final piece of advice is to stick with it. Eliminate the get rich quick mentality and think long-term. If you can build a good lead list, and communicate with them often, you will get good results with direct mail. So enjoy watching these Frank Kern list building direct mail secrets.

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