Frank Kern, John Reese & Tony Robbins

Discussion between the three gurus – Robbins, Kern and Reese.

In this interview Tony Robbins meet with 2 extraordinarily successful scholars, Frank Kern and John Reese. Both are self-made multi millionaires who made their fortunes by selling stuff online. What’s especially engaging about both is that neither had any real education. Neither one finished university and both went from being broke to making lots of money. And they continue to continue to flourish in today’s economy. So that the point of this interview is to reveal the marks that successful folks have in common. Specifically, the characteristics that make them take huge action and follow thru. As you will see, the solution is actually quite easy and available to us all.

And as you’ll see, I’m able to really “get in his head” in this video and uncover his system for following through, taking massive action, and achieving amazing success over and over. John Reese and Frank Kern are two people you must learn from.

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