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Announcement: Trey’s makin’ $40,000 off mobile apps! WFT?

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I’ve been playing with iPhone and Mac Apps for a while, and it’s been a lot of fun – and relatively profitable! but, Trey Smith just released some stats and he is making $700 per day with VIDEO GAMES for iphone and android.

I’ve only been creating ‘utility’ type apps, but creating a game looks like a really fun side project. That’s completely outsource-able! (and more profitable)


He’s sharing his story and giving away a free DVD that shows you exactly how he’s 100% outsourced the design and development of some really popular games!

Click here to see what Trey is up to.

Pretty cool stuff. You should check this out if you’re interested in app development on any level.

Talk soon,

Click here to see what Trey is up to.

What's trey up to?

Announcement: Help Frank Name His New Book

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Click "play" to see how you can help.

Frank Kern is on the verge of launching his new book, but before he does, he needs your help to name it. If you’d like to take part, and score yourself a free copy of the book, click here to find out more.

Mass Control Revealed – Frank Kern Interview

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Frank Kern - Mass Control RevealedYou’ve gotta see this. A few days ago, I was tipped off about this by a good friend of mine, who also just managed to pull his first six figure year in 2010.

I’m talking about Mass Control Revealed, a review of the CUTTING EDGE marketing secrets that Frank Kern has used to build his multi million dollar business, NO HOLDS BARRED what so ever, and not to forget to mention, some insider information about the Mass Control product launch, and what made it such a multi million dollar success.

This is seriously some of the most BLEEDING EDGE stuff that you are likely to hear from Frank without breaking the bank. You know how much his stuff costs, right? $1000? $5000? This costs well under a tenth of that. Click here to check it out.

In Mass Control Revealed, you will get a review of the boiled down and WELL PROTECTED secrets behind the Mass Control marketing method, that are going to set you miles apart from the other “me too” marketers that are out there. Not just that, but how to mnimize your workflow, and understand some of the biggest reasons why people simply will not buy your products.

You can get the low down on this interview here, and believe me, I’ve only just touched the skin on what you are going to learn. Just see for yourself!

Again, I’ve had the chance to check this out myself, and I can promise you that this is going to be one of the best, if not THE best investment that you will make all year.

Not bad considering that Frank rarely passes on content like this for under a few thousand dollars. It just doesn’t happen.

You gotta act now though, I’m not too sure how long the sales page is going to be live. It says that the sale ends on Wednesday, so you might want to act quick by clicking on the image below.

Get Mass Control Revealed

Buy The Software System

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Trey Smith’s Software System is now live – click here to grab your copy.

Trey Smith’s Software System is now live - click here to grab your copy.

The Software System Review – How A 27 Year Old Makes $1,000,000.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The Software System Review

Click here to watch the video above.

I just watched a video you have to see. This regular guy makes $1,000,000 online in 12 months. He’s just about ready to lauch a new product and I thought I should give you my version of The Software System review.

In this new product he shows you the website, the product and tells you EXACTLY how he did it.

Seriously, this is a tell-all… pretty cool stuff.

Also, he shows you the number one most profitable niche in the world (and how you can get into it easily).

The video is completely free to watch, check it out by clicking here.

Anyway, this guys new product is called “The Software System”.

It’s a massive FIVE WEEK COURSE on how to make, sell and market EVERY type of software out there.

I’ve been following along with the prelaunch content and it’s top notch. Not only is is full of good content but it also shows multiple examples of how easy it is to make software. Now I can wait to get my copy fo the product.

Keep an eye on this blog and I’ll keep you updated as the launch progresses.

That about wraps up The Software System review so be sure to check our his website clicking the image below.