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Download Frank Kern’s 4 Day Cash Machine

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

This free DONE-FOR-YOU marketing campaign works like crazy and you can get it here right now – click here to download.

Its called the Four Day Cash Machine and it was originally included in Frank Kern’s legendary $2,000 Mass Control system …and now you can have it free here.

One person used it and got a 16.5% conversion rate. Another person pulled in $7,455 in just four days …from a tiny list of only 20 people. And one lady used it to pull in $79,060.00 …all in just four days!


After all, it’s free and it’s worked really well in all kinds of niches. And Frank is giving you everything, including:

1. All the email templates – DONE FOR YOU

2. The web page template – DONE FOR YOU

3. A video walkthrough showing you how it works and why.

Like I said, this is free and you can click here to get the 4 day cash machine now.


The Super Big Frank Kern Fan

P.S. And as you know, Kern’s pre-launch materials are usually better than the stuff other people charge a fortune for. And this cut-and-paste marketing campaign you’re getting might be his best thing yet.

Of course the results I described aren’t typical, and your results may be different. But considering this is FREE (and that it was originally part of the legendary Mass Control), I strongly urge you to check it out! Click her to grab your copy.